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The History of Slot

In this article, you'll learn about the history of slot machines and who invented them. You'll also learn about the first electronic slot machine, and the first automated cash payout system. You'll also learn about the Liberty Bell slot machine. Finally, you'll learn about the invention of video slots. 카지노사이트 Charles August Fey invented the slot machine In 1895, Charles August Fey patented a modified version of a slot machine that would accept coins. He also started a workshop in which he built slot machines. His most popular machine, called the Liberty Bell, paid out 50 cents when three bell symbols lined up. The bell is a well-known symbol of American independence, and the machine's three reels and single payline contained five symbols that represented classic gambling iconography. The inventor of the slot machine never sold the machines himself. He installed them in saloons and other establishments in exchange for 50 percent of the revenue. This method helped Fey